Shanghai TTX Information Technology Co., Ltd applied new technology and international management concepts, constructed TTX supply chain solution including six specialized product line , the core of warehouse management system, order management system, transportation management system, billing management system, supply chain visibility,and TDC supply chain finance, to provide internet platform logistics and supply chain platform system construction for customer. 
       So far, TTX software covered cosmetics, medicine, food,shoes &clothes, fresh food Cold Chain Logistics, household ,maternal and infant, digital and other 12 industries. We have gained the trust including Jumei, ILC logistics , Ting Tong logistics, UCO, Annto logistics, Sanquan foods, Red Star Macalline, Smart monkey, Yunda express, Babel technology. . . TTX not only to provide software and product manual, but also get the business experience and prospective acknowledgment let all user use fast, efficient and stable warehouse management system.
       TTX logistics supply chain solution famous for professional technology, product performance and rich experience. TTX got a number of honors in the industry. TTX as the director unit joined the Federation of Industry &Commerce and China Electronic Commerce Enterprise Alliance.
       TTX ‘s slogan is“Technology to excellence”,it’s the company philosophy and service purposes. What’s more, the slogan became the motto of every employee in the TTX. In the past, TTX aims to provide the best Consulting and Development Services in the Logistics. It’s the best partner in company’s logistics management and growth. Nowadays, TTX often help customers improve logistics and supply chain management with new technology and experimental experience. TTX continues to help them to improve the competitiveness of the industry. In the future, TTX will make unremitting efforts to create sustainable value for customers with innovative thinking and leading technology.

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